Good Luck Deleting your facebook account?

Here is a good question? What if you are finally sick and tired of all the crap on facebook and decide that you want out and want to delete your account? well good luck. Apparently it is very difficult to completely delete your facebook account. I believe facebook does this on purpose so they can retain your information to use for what ever they like or to keep their membership numbers pumped up ( facebook reports millions of users ) But how many of those supposed users are actually accounts that the users thought were deleted? That is my question? Apparently you do not have an immediate option of deleting your account you can only deactivate your account. Which means your account is not able to be viewed but all of your information,photos,wall postings,freinds or whatever else you may have had are still in facebook's system and can be found and used by facebook or anybody else that has the means for what ever they want. Especially if you signed up for any of their apps or play their games. If you want to delete your facebook account permanently you first have to delete all the apps and games that you have signed up for then follow the instructions given in the link I have provided on how to first deactivate your account (which is the only option facebook gives you) then you have to wait at least 14 days (I would say 21 days just to be safe) before you try to log in to your account to make sure it is gone. If you try before at least the 14 days your account will not be deleted. The link I have provided gives very detailed instructions on how to permanently and completely delete your account. I have to ask why do you think facebook makes it so hard to delete your account? and so easy to sign up? "hmm" Even if you are successful in permanently deleting your account is it really? if you played any of their 3rd. party games or used any of their 3rd. party apps those 3rd. parties have your information. Is that deleted also? probably not and how many of those 3rd. parties are really credible? facebook has been known to associate with some shady characters. Well there ya go if you are finally sick and tired of facebook and want out follow the link I have provided and get out."but are you really out" Here is the link

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